Deep Cleaning Service

Our Deep Cleaning is recommended for the first visit. A deep Cleaning includes all the services of a standard clean, plus all the service area of Bathroom, Bed Room, Living Room, Kitchen & etc. This in depth cleaning will get your home “Super” Clean. After this our standard services will keep your house in top shape. This Service is also useful after social events, or before (or after) the holiday season.


•   Ceiling Fan Blades & Light Fixtures
•   Windex All Windows (inside Windows only)
•   Dust All Blinds
•   Vacuum Carpet All
•   Sweep & (steam Mop Hard Surface Floors)
•   Vacuum & clean any door thresholds & sliding door tracks
•   Dust Air Returns
•   Wipe Switch plates
•   Wipe Baseboards and molding
•   Remove cobwebs


•   Clean tub & shower completely leaving no residue
•   Clean toilet inside and out
•   Clean sink & countertops
•   Clean light bulbs and fixtures
•   Clean Mirrors & Medicine Cabinet
•   Vacuum drawers & cabinets if applicable
•   Wipe exterior of Cabinets
•   Clean Towel Racks & Toilet Paper Holders
•   Sweep & Mop Floor


•   Remove all burners & knobs spray with cleaner and place in soap and water then Clean Sanitize
•   Remove the racks and spray, clean thoroughly using metal scouring pad
•   Lift the top of the stove, cleaning under the burners
•   Clean the inside of the stove Any dripping that may have occurred
•   Remove the bottom drawer and clean thoroughly
•   Clean the range hood, clean and wash filter and light​


•   Remove all shelves, racks and drawers clean thoroughly
•   Clean rubber gaskets around freezer & fridge door wiping out crumbs if any
•   Remove and clean front grill
•   Pull fridge out from the wall, get dust off the back if applicable, sweep and mop behind the fridge, Clean top, front, back and sides of fridge


•   Wipe Tops & Surface of Cabinets
•   Clean Countertops
•   Vacuum drawers and cabinet interiors if needed
•   Sweep & (steam Mop Hard Surface Floors)
•   Shine Sink


•   Sweep Deck/Patio
•   Sweep front door area & Wipe Front Door
•   Sweep Garage if applicable

Our Clients

We always make sure our outputs are 100% satisfied by our clients and one
of our marketing strategy of Word - Of - Mount keep us to maintain the Quality of our Work.