Ensure that working environment and conditions are safe.

In the current era of rapid industrialization and technological advancements, ensuring the health, safety and environment (HSE) of a company's workforce and environmental performance is crucial to achieving long-term business success.

As a Clean Pro, our internal HSE Manager and Team encompasses a range of SOPs, SWPs, practices, policies, HSE Awareness Training and regulations to control workplace hazards, prevent accidents & injuries, environmental risks, employee well-being and promote sustainable practices. It also results in increased productivity of workers and to feel safer, more confident in their working environment as well as to create the safe & healthy environment of Our Client’s properties.

You stop doing things ad hoc and start doing them in a systematic, organized way.

Clean Pro has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification in June 2023. Which mean our customers can be secure that our company follows strict quality control processes in every area of the business operations. It also means we are constantly working on continuous quality improvement. We identified our commitments both technical SOPs, requirements and the Quality Management System to achieve customer satisfaction. This accountability helps Clean Pro to maintain and improve the quality assurance of our productivity and services.