High-Rise Building Cleaning & Maintenance Service

If the tall and lovely building need to shine, it requires professional Facade cleaning services. So, what safety measures should be considered here? There are certain strict safety measures to be followed when it is being involved in high-rise facade cleaning services.

For Clean Pro, height is no obstacle. Clean Pro’s locally & internationally well-trained and certified Technician Team has been delivering the High-Rise building cleaning services to the tallest and highest building in Myanmar for many years.

With the demand for high-rise projects witnessing great growth, safety is becoming a top priority for those involved in cleaning the facade of such tall buildings. Our HSE team has been always maintaining the important safety measure with International HSE guideline, procedures, and equipment in order to continue to provide even the tallest buildings with the best window cleaning and power cleaning services with Zero Incident/accident.

Our well-known High Rise Cleaning Clients include HAGL Myanmar Plaza, Melia, Sedona, Vantage Tower, Sakura Tower, Hledan Tower, M-Tower, Inno City, Coca-Cola, Myanmar Brewery, Chang Beer, Jasmine Palace Hotel and many more. We have occupied 75% and over market shares in the whole Myanmar.

Our Clients

We always make sure our outputs are 100% satisfied by our clients and one
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